exclusive: slumber party @ emmies house with kitty

what happens when they prank call skrillex?!

by liza darwin

For the past several months, some of our favorite indie musicians have been hitting up "Slumber Party @emmieshouse"—AKA, pretty much the slumber party of the year. I mean, where else can you see Charli XCX play Truth or Dare, hear Zoe from ASTR confess her love for Drake, or watch the boys from The Knocks propose marriage with a ring pop? Yeah, we thought so...

And for this season's finale episode, Emmie's pulling out all the stops alongside her latest guest Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde). Hot on the heels on her newly minted internet video game, watch as Kitty recounts her traumatizing elementary school sleepover experiences, her love for Skrillex, and more in the clip right here. (P.S. A prank call to Skrillex himself may or may not be involved....find out what goes down below!)