This Menstrual Cup Sends You Texts About Your Flow

the future is amazing

Have you ever wanted to know what's really going on in your vagina? Well, LOONCUP is here to give you the answers to all of those, err, flowing questions. Similar to the Diva Cup, LOONCUP is an eco-friendly, bell-shaped, silicone structure that collects period blood during a menstrual cycle. But, excitingly, LOONCUP is the first of its kind because it's a smart cup—the receptacle is embedded with a sensor that syncs with your smart phone. In other words, you get texts regarding your menstrual cycle. 

It's kind of what dreams are made of: LOONCUP submits real-time alerts about how full the cup is, notifies you when it's time to empty it out, and tracks the volume and color of your blood. The fuller the menstrual cup gets, the more text alerts you receive. So, there's less of a risk of leakage—meaning the future is a place where we might even consider wearing white pants on our periods. The monitoring system also allegedly indicates potential gynecological problems, so it's like you have a secret doctor in your pants. 

Unfortunately, LOONCUP isn't available yet because it doesn't have a patent, but a campaign for the product was launched on Kickstarter and it exceeded its $50,000 goal. Based on LOONCUP's Kickstarter timeline, production starts this November and backers will be shipped the product in January 2016. No period will ever bleed the same again.