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    ten reasons why the santigold x smashbox collection is the prettiest thing, like, ever.

    by · April 22, 2014

    photo by jade taylor

    Hold up: Smashbox recently collaborated with Santigold on a technicolor cosmetics collection dubbed The Santigolden Age Summer--and yeah, it’s just as awesome as you’d expect. Here are 10 reasons why you should go out and snatch up the entire collection now.1. The Santigolden Age Eye Shadow Collage in Apocalypse Now. I mean, the name alone hooked me, but the shadows boast colors of grey, blue, black, and gold--exactly what comes to mind when I think about what the sky would look like in case of an Apocalypse. As Buffy Summers would say, “If the Apocalypse comes, beep me.“
    2. The Santigolden Age Eye Shadow Collage in Earth As We Know It. Everyone has seen pictures of the Earth, right? Right. Well, the colors in this palette are exactly what you’d expect considering our planet inspired it: Green, blue, cream, and purple, with sparkling and matte finishes to match.
    3. The Santigolden Age Double Ended Limitless Liner in Azurite Is Never Wrong/El Dorado. Behold, a double-ended eyeliner that will be the envy of your other double-ended liners. One half is the most beautiful azurite (hence the name) blue, while the other half is a gorgeous muted, mustard yellow.
    4. The Santigolden Age Double Ended Limitless Liner in Yellow Dwarf/Green Martian. Ok, so the names kind of speak for themselves, but who can go wrong with a mint green and sunshine yellow liner duo?
    5. The Santigolden Age Be Legendary Gloss in All Gold E’rything. It should be a crime to not own at least one gold lipgloss, and this one is a step above the rest: The opaque finish and gilded texture are enough for anyone to feel like the decadent queen they are.6. The Santigolden Age Be Legendary Gloss in Hot Lava. Bam, a tomato-red lipgloss is always in season.
    7. The Santigolden Age Nail Polish Art Strips in Serpent Charmer. Designed by Santigold herself, the strips have a golden base while a black serpent intertwines in between each nail decal.
    8. The Santigolden Age Nail Polish Art Strips in The Eye Of The Beholder. These might just be my favorite piece in the entire collection. They’re nail strips with creepy eyes bedecked on them. Sold.
    9. The Santigolden Age Be Legendary Lipstick Ring. Hands down, this is the coolest piece in the collection. I mean, hello, it’s a lipstick ring--but unlike the plastic glitter rings filled with strawberry flavored gloss I stacked on my fingers as a kid, this ring is gold and designed with a pyramid shape that opens and closes for easy access to the lipstick.
    10. Because everything Santigold does is awesome. (Duh.)
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