smoothing elixir by dear clark

The frizz fixer…

by Josh Madden

Dallas-based Holly Dear and Kaycee Clark opened their salon, aptly named Dear Clark, in 2008. The Texans know a thing or two about dry and unmanagable hair due to conditions and climate--and that is exactly what brought about the launch of their own product line. The five different remedies are made in Texas with natural active ingredients and they all focus on saving stressed hair. Our favorite, or maybe our most needed product, is the smoothing elixir. Made with Rose of Jericho, aloe vera, and sunflower seed gel, this stuff smells incredible and using it is kinda like using the anti-product product, since it doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy. We tried it, we can vouch for it, we are now rolling around Soho with a silky smooth un-frizzed wig. Order yours HERE.