ashish x topshop is a drive-thru success.

by liza darwin

Fashion and food....worlds apart? Not so much.

Back in 2005, designer Jeremy Scott paraded pizza gowns, donut bracelets, and Snickers dresses down the runway, much to the amazement/ confusion of those at the show (see them for yourself below). But while not everyone can afford one of Scott's cheeky creations, now fellow Brit Asish Gupta is taking food fashion to the masses.

The London-based designer-known for his affinity for sequins- trades glitter for fast food in his new collection for Topshop. The mini line reads like a diner menu, with sweatshirts and t-shirts printed with eggs, hot dogs, donuts and banana splits.

And while Asish has clearly taken cues from Scott's cheeky Fall '06 collection, he wanted these pieces to be a little more wearable...believe it or not, he created these comfy shirts to wear to the gym! These designs might not be the most motivational thing to wear on the treadmill, but you're definitely guaranteed to get more use out of them than a full-length pizza gown.

And although a donut top might be a little more costly than its real life alternative, these quirky pieces are sure to make a statement even after the sugar high ends.

Buy it at Topshop.