Photo courtesy of L'Oréal Paris


This New Snapchat Filter Saves You Morning Time

For our inner lazy girl

by jenny lee

Seeing what new filters Snapchat has added for the day is a pastime in and of itself. Some have been universally loved (the puppy filter is perfect—does anyone disagree?) and others scorned for being tasteless, but the L'Oréal filter, which is only on the app for today, may take the cake for being the most convenient.

This is the first time a beauty brand has teamed up with Snapchat to create a filter, and we're not sure why it hasn't happened before. Sure, there's been over the top, rhinestone-laden looks, and smudgy, running makeup, but never have we swiped and immediately had full-face perfection. The filter dolls up your face with a digitally superimposed cat eye, foundation, blush, and lip color. The camera flash in the background is a nice touch—the whole filter feels very glamorous for a lazy Saturday morning when you can't be bothered to go through your entire makeup ritual.

While L'Oréal is the first beauty brand to release a filter on Snapchat, we have a feeling they won't be the last. Preview a new Jeffree Star color with a filter? Swatch a new ColourPop collection with a swipe? The possibilities are so endless and we are here for it. Bring them on!