Snapchat Is Closing Its Lens Store

vanity should be free

A true sign of friendship is what kinds of Snaps you Snapchat between one another. The more grotesque, the closer the friendship, right? Since unveiling its Lens feature in September of last year, even the most unsightly of Snaps could be made cute. (Rainbows! Hearts! Granny hats! Scary faces!)

The feature became so popular, Snapchat started charging folks a dollar for its most popular lenses, while still refreshing its free batch with a few new ones every other day or so. Keep your dollars, though, because the Lens Store is closing shop.

Snapchat announced today that, come January 8, users will no longer have to purchase the lenses they like. It will continue to offer 10 free lenses per day, but don’t count on the most popular ones (lookin’ at that rainbow drool one) to always be in rotation. If you bit the bullet and purchased a lens, however, consider yourself lucky because you’ll have that lens forever—no matter what the free round is that day. Talk about being Snap-happy.