People Are Not Happy With Snapchat’s New Filter

Marie Curie didn’t wear fake lashes, but she did win two Noble Prizes

Today’s International Women’s Day, as you might’ve heard/seen/read about. In honor, Snapchat revealed three new filters, as the company tends to do on days like this.

There’s the Frida Kahlo one, which gives users the artist’s braided updo adorned with flowers, signature unibrow, red lip, and gold dangly earrings. Next, there’s Rosa Parks’ filter, which includes a slanted hat, pulled-back hair, and glasses. A word bubble with Parks’ quote, “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right” also appears. Last, we have scientist Marie Curie’s filter, which surrounds users with beakers, smoothes out their complexion, and gives them longer lashes and a subtle smoky eye. Huh?

Marie Curie was a French physicist and chemist who received two Nobel Prizes for her research on radioactivity. She was a pioneer for women in the science field and, sadly, passed away due to radiation exposure. It’s hard for us to imagine that whether or not her eyeliner was straight enough was at the top of her list of worries.

Who knows, maybe it was. And we’re not saying scientists can’t wear makeup, and we do appreciate the effort by Snapchat, but looking “attractive” a successful female scientist does not make. It's these minor, calculated additions that help reinforce the gender ideal stereotype.

So, Happy International Women’s Day, ladies. Here, have some longer lashes, eyeshadow, and perfect skin. Thanks, Snapchat?