Shazam Music Through Snapchat Now

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If you ever wanted to figure out what banger was banging at the club you were Snapchatting from but didn't want to switch apps, boy does 2016 have an update for you. Snapchat and Shazam have partnered up to make discovering music pretty easy. You can now Shazam music straight from the Snapchat interface.

"The new feature will allow fans to recognize music, engage with Shazam content, and send their music and artist discoveries as Snaps to their friends," Shazam said in an announcement shared today. Basically, all you have to do is press and hold the camera screen in Snapchat to discover a possible bop. Party playlists just got more... robust.

Additionally, Snapchat unveiled its new group messaging feature (up to 16 people!) and ability to re-edit a Snap Memory after the fact. It looks like Snapchat's doing the most with this Photoshop update. Now, let's see how long before Snapchat's, uh, competition finds a way to discover music. Your Instamove, 2017.