Photo Via Snapchat.

Snapchat Wants To Register YOU To Vote

By you we mean mostly millennials

In between testing out the latest filters and creepin’ on your favorite celebrities, Snapchat users can now do something that's actually productive: register to vote.

The app is partnering with TurboVote, a nonprofit registration and voter information site, to get those 18 and older Generation Z and millennials to the polls. Click on the video ads between Snapchat and Discover Stories and you’ll be directed to a mobile registration webpage. The feature will run until October 7 and the process is intended to be quick, easy, and painless. Because we all know how young people hate anything that requires them to actually put in work and time.

The two companies have also partnered with Jared Leto, Ciara, Jimmy Fallon, and other B-list celebrities, to help spread the political word in 10-second videos. Because there’s nothing young people love more than a celebrity endorsement. 

In all seriousness, millennials make up 31 percent of the overall votes this year and, traditionally, aren’t the most active voters. According to Pew Research, only about 46 percent of millennials voted in 2012. Here’s hoping this initiative helps to lift that number. You know what might also help? Being able to Snap our vote. We're only sort of kidding.