The New ‘Snatched’ Trailer Has Jokes

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn get kidnapped, hilariously

Despite the depiction of some pretty serious subject matter, the new trailer for Snatched has got jokes. Lots of jokes. Casting Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn as a mother and daughter duo who get kidnapped while on vacation looks like a stroke of genius, because based on the taste we get here, their chemistry crackles off the screen.

Schumer plays Emily, who just wants to escape after getting dumped by her boyfriend, and Hawn plays Linda, her overprotective and cautious mother. She’s the kind of mom who slathers you in too much sunscreen and thinks “drinking with a man in a foreign country” is a terrible idea. In this case, she’s right, because it leads to the two of them getting kidnapped by some pretty rough dudes. But even when things get pretty dire for these two, the jokes keep on coming (there’s a particularly good one involving a PIN number), as we watch the two of them take control of their fate and evolve into action hero badasses. That makes sense since the movie is being brought to us by the producers of Heat and Spy, two other hilarious movies featuring funny women who get to show off their action chops. Snatched hits theaters on Mother’s Day weekend, naturally. Watch the trailer above.