discuss: snl’s parody of her

starring jonah hill with a very special cameo by michael cera.

by steff yotka

While Her was easily one of my favorite movies of 2013, I’ve managed to stay relatively immune to all the parody trailers out there. There are just so many in existence, and I can’t really seem to crack the surface on any—well, until I saw Saturday Night Live’s

Jonah Hill hosted SNL this week and the obvious highlight of the show was a digital short parodying Her. (Reenacting the Titanic ”I’m king of the world!” moment would have won Best SNL Moment, if Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t look like a suburban dad…. Cue sound of my heart breaking.) SNL’s parody of Spike Jonze’s melancholy film is so on point, from the sets, to Hill’s collarless shirt and high-waisted trousers, to the twee ukelele song that plays over a dance sequence, that the skit feels like a blooper reel from the actual movie.

The real moment that will make milk come out of your nose, though, is when Michael Cera suddenly appears. I don’t want to spoil it the fun for you, so just watch the skit below and get ready to laugh your heart out. And after you do, you can tell us just how much you cracked up on Twitter and Facebook