iggy azalea gets spoofed on $1’snl’

and its pretty ruthless

It was only a matter of time before Saturday Night Live took their shot at the whole "Iggy Azalea is a fake rapper" controversyand you knew that when they did, it would fall on Kate McKinnon to nail the impression. That's exactly what happened on Saturday, when SNL debuted The Iggy Azalea Show, which featured McKinnon switching back and forth between Iggy's real Australian accent and the accent she puts on when she raps, which she's been heavily criticized for. “Isn’t rap so fun?” McKinnon asked Jay Pharoah, who was playing Azalea mentor, T.I. Also showing up was Sasheer Zamata as a very disgusted Azealia Banks (the two rappers have an IRL feud) and host Chris Hemsworth as Azalea's older cousin Rafty Drones, who apparently taught her everything she knows about being hard. 

The sketch pretty much covered what everyone finds so problematic about Azalea's persona and music, and was even more amazing given that Azalea herself performed on that very stage just a few months ago. Watch it below.