get a kick out of henry holland’s latest thigh-high collab.

by liza darwin

Thanks, Henry Holland. We really don't know how you do it, but you've taken something normally kind of lame- like hosiery- and singlehandedly turned it into something cool.

The London designer has teamed up with U.K. retailer Pretty Polly for another round of stockings (see his first collection here) that are funky, fun, and give us a new reason to ditch the boring mall selection and buy his version online instead. In addition to the signature alphabet motif, he's added suspenders, ladders, and Pebbles Flintsone-esque bone print. And unlike some of House of Holland's other straight-from-the-runway pieces, you can buy them for a totally affordable $19.

Tights might not be pants, but who says they can't still be the star of your closet?

Buy them here.