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    start your day right with cozy sweaters and a little leonardo dicaprio.

    by · January 07, 2014

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    Welcome to The Checklist, NYLON’s new morning wake-up call. Whether you’re looking for a little outfit inspiration, a new song to play as you drink that first cup of the coffee, or that one bit of news you can’t leave the house without knowing, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be updating every day during the week, every single early morning (New York time, natch), with a different editor--and sometimes special It Girl guests--curating the picks, so you have no reason not to make it your first-thing-to-check-the-moment-you-turn-on-your-phone. Still not enough early inspiration for you? Then head to Instagram--we’ll be using the hashtag #NYLONDaily as a place for NYLON readers to show off the things that inspire them, and we want you to contribute!The Checklist Curator: Steff Yotka, Associate Web EditorThe Look: Sonia Rykiel Pre-Fall ’14 Look 3
    Temperatures in the teens have made New York a frigid wasteland where only the bravest dare to leave the cozy comforts of their apartments to head to work. Really, I saw about 10 people on the subway this morning instead of the usual zillion. To brave the cold weather I’m taking some serious wardrobe inspiration from Look 3 in the pre-fall ’14 collection by Sonia Rykiel. Messy menswear is my style mantra, and this look makes it adaptable for the chilly temperatures. So, yes, I will be using a sweater as a scarf today, and I don’t care who knows it. Cold weather, come at me.The Face: Olay Fresh Effects Eye Awakening Cream
    A sleepy face is permitted on Mondays, but by Tuesday I like to have my beauty A game on. That’s why I’ve been swearing by Olay’s latest eye brightener, that will make your I’ve-been-up-all-night-watching-Netlfix or I-have-the-flu under-eye bags disappear, I promise. It goes on cool thanks to the rollerball application and is currently making me feel like a million bucks, despite my slight fever and the current temperature of 11 degrees. The News: Macaulay Culkin’s Band The Pizza Underground Releases Music Video
    And it’s amazing. And pizza-themed, obvs. The Inspiration: Leonardo Dicaprio by Roxanne Lowit, 1995
    Aside from writing awesome articles for this website and hanging out with the inspirational folks at NYLON HQ, I spend a good amount of my time doing “image research”--AKA digging up beautiful photos from the past of everything from contemporary art to Dior runway shows in the ’50s. The ultimate find for me is an expressive pic of young Leo, though, because nothing can brighten a day like a smiling, ’90s boy babe. Also, nice ring. The Song: “Playground Love” - AirI’m blaming this on the fact that The Virgin Suicides is now on Netflix, and that Josh Hartnett is also up there on my list on ’90s boy babes. Here’s to a little daydreaming of red sports cars, ’70s haircuts, and white peasant dresses that you think will work on you, but really only work on Kirsten Dunst.
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