Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for American Express.


What To Snag At SoulCycle’s Sample Sale Ft. P.E Nation and Ultracor

Act now!

There are few things that fitness enthusiasts get more excited about than a new fad arriving on the scene or a chance to upgrade their carefully curated workout wardrobe. While we're still waiting for this season's fitness trend du jour, today, cult favorite cycling studio SoulCycle surprised us with a major online sample sale.

Now, if you're not part of SoulCycle's crew, know that the brand stocks up on all of our fitness favorites, like P.E Nation, Ultracor, and Public School—all brands that rarely get discounted. So, yeah, you will want to get in while you can.

Note from the wise: Things are selling out faster than SoulCycle's bikes' wheels spin! So don't wait any longer: Just shop our favorite picks, below.

P.E Nation x SoulCycle Hook Shot Crop, $75 on sale from $99.

Public School x SoulCycle Ribbon Sweatshirt, $175 on sale from $355.

Ultracor x SoulCycle Ombre Silk Slash Legging, $145 on sale from $185

Solid & Striped x SoulCycle Anne Marie One Piece, $65 on sale from $168.

SoulCycle x Champion Cropped Sweatshirt, $45 on sale from $108.

P.E Nation x SoulCycle Tote, $80 on sale from $120.

SoulCycle Core Colorblock Bra, $35 from $68.

SoulCycle Sweat Your Heart Out, $30 on sale from $54.

SoulCycle x Ultracor Ombre Skull/Bolts Legging, $145 on sale from $185.

SoulCycle Distressed Albata NY Sweatshirt, $50 on sale from $98.