Soundcheck: The 16 Best Music Releases Of The Week

The Venus Project, Wet, + many more

by nylon

Every weekend, we bring you #SOUNDCHECK—your new destination for the best of the best new music that hit the web over the course of the week. Because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week’s round features 16 of our favorite emerging and established artists including The Venus Project, Wet, and so many more. Turn up, tune in, and tune out.

Vol. 1 - The Venus Project

Georgia Nott of BROODS' all-female solo project is here and it is nothing short of divine. Tender, haunting, and cinematic, Nott weaves magic through songs like "Need/Want" and plucks all the heartstrings with "Take Me Out." This is an album for women by women.

"Pink Hearts" - Hawthorne Heights

Oh yes. Hawthorne Heights are back and they aren't missing a beat. "Pink Hearts" is just the beginning of their rebirth. Expect a new album later this year and all the feels that come with it. 

"Boyish" - Japanese Breakfast

Dust off your oversized tuxedos and get ready to break out in a nervous sweat—because Japanese Breakfast is taking you to prom, baby. 

"My Life (feat. Tame Impala) - ZHU

ZHU's majesty pairs wonderfully with Tame Impala's psychedelia. Is it too much to ask for a joint album, boys?

"The Club" - Hinds

Hinds' new track is the definition of feel-good indie. 

"Monster" - Lola Kirke

If you're feeling confused, lost, or lonely, this slow-burning Lola Kirke track and visual will bring you right down to Earth. 

"Dance Like U" - Okay Kaya

Okay Kaya's new single and video is a hauntingly sensual track that will sneak its way into your head for the rest of the weekend.

"Just Like That" - The Aces

Well this just might be the biggest song The Aces have put out. With the release of their album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, coming in April, "Just Like That" is yet another reason to stan these girls.

"NORSCHLIEFE" - Jacques Greene

The vibes are strong with this one, friends. Jacques Greene is here to take you on a cerebral journey. Buckle up. 

"Look Back" - Betty Who

Newly-independent Betty Who follows up "Ignore Me" with "Look Back," a tongue-in-cheek flirtation of a song. 

"Powder Down / The Valley" - Parks Burton

The delirious disjunction of Parks Burtons' latest will keep you on your toes while you (attempt to) nod your head to beat. 

"There's A Reason" - Wet

Wet's back and brighter than ever. "There's A Reason" is your first taste of the band's forthcoming sophomore album. 

"Bitch of the Year" - Krewella

Open up your third eye and listen to Krewella's insanely addictive female empowerment song. Dance, resist, and dance again.

"Fake You" - Yoke Lore

Brooklyn lovers, this song is for you. Yoke Lore soars over this indie gem that captures NYC love to a tee.

"Your Side Of The Bed" - Loote

Look no further for your new weekend bop. The New York pop duo Loote, co-writers of the Cheat Codes hit "No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato)," prove their pop expertise on the infectious "Your Side of the Bed."

"Fuck It feat. Caroline Pennell" - BoTalks

Try as you might, when the feelings are real, they're fuckin' real. BoTalks' latest is an ode to that and the liberation that comes with giving in—all spread over a beat that'll get your feet moving.