our starbucks staple gets its own body whip.

by liza darwin

Between fruit shampoo, beer conditioner, and face wash made from coffee extract, the lines between our Trader Joe's shopping list and our bathroom drawer stash have become strangely blurry over the past couple seasons.

The latest foodie-beauty discovery comes courtesy of Skin, An Apothecary. The Colorado-based company has rolled out several variations of soy body whip over the past few years, but this week we finally tested this lightweight lotion for ourselves. Smearing it on post-shower, we loved how the fluffy cream went on smooth, smelled amazing, and left our skin feeling super soft- but not greasy. And while it's admittedly a bit pricey at $27 a jar, the formula is so highly concentrated that a little goes a long way.

So whether it's in milk, beans, or body whip form, go ahead and have your soy and eat it, too.

Buy it here.