editor’s pick: endless pizza party

see our life motto on a cutoff t-shirt

If there's any motto to live by, it's "Pizza Is Forever." Because pizza is cheesy and delicious and who wouldn't want to eat it every day for the rest of time?! Besides, pizza doesn't make you cry (unless it's so good), it always wants to have Netflix marathon, and it even listens when you tell it how much you love it. And, you might have noticed by now that we are totally cool with telling the world just how much we love pizza. Whether we do it by changing our Facebook relationship status, or we blog about it every day for a year, or we ride out into the night and tag a blank brick wall with pizza-filled hearts (shhh). But, the easiest way to do it would be to sport this Spikes and Seams Pizza Is Forever Cutoff. Seriously, any T-shirt that has pizza illustrations is must-have in our book. So, go ahead and dare us to marry our pizza, because, yes, we do love it that much--'til death do us part.