Spirit Twin Breaks Free Through Dance In “Ferris Wheel” Video

So long

Life is merely a series of little loops. Most of us aren't aware enough of this to be bothered by it, but some are. They may break free from one cycle and embark on another disguised as something of their own volition, but, depending on your belief in fate and destiny, it's still just another loop in your lifetime series. (Thanks, Westworld.) That is unless you experience something of an ego death, which dancer Chise Ninja brings to life in Spirit Twin's new music video for "Ferris Wheel."

The experimental electronic duo from New York City's latest single is about feeling stuck in a loop and the longing to move away from it. The sparse production of the song enhances that limbo-like feeling, only to be interrupted with smartly layered ticks and swirling synths. Director Audrey Bagley brings the song to life with Ninja performing a vogue interpretation of an ego death. "Chise's routine is just an expression of that process of killing the ego," the band tells us, "a self-surrender to her art." May you, too, find an escape as pure and moving as this.