10 Spooky Candles That’ll Put That Skull To Shame

strike a match

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there was a period of time where candles—scented, seasonal, beeswax, soy, whatever—were considered kind of lame. A last minute gift you give someone you don't really care about, collected by women who have nothing to so but sit at home and burn candles. Well, thank god those days are over. What's wrong with staying home and burning candles anyway? Sage, anyone?

The onset of fall is the perfect time to up your candle game and get festive. Forget your basic skulls. Call your coven, and click through the gallery to shop this season's raddest, spookiest candles.

Urban Outfitters, Color-Drip Candle Set, $4.00, view at Urban Outfitters

D.L. & Co., Bust of Deidre Candle, $450.00, view at D.L & Co.

Lot 450, Halloween Candle, $22.00, view at Etsy

Blackbird, Violet Hour Incense, $28.00, view at Catbird

PyroPet Candles, Skeleton Cat Candle, $34.00, view at Urban Outfitters

Key Senses, Red Iron Maiden Soy Blended Candle, $12.00, view on Etsy

Williams-Sonoma, Halloween Crouching Crow Candle, $8.99, view at Williams-Sonoma

The Jacks, White Skull & Pink Brain Candle, view at The Jacks

Coconut Zero, Beeswax Doll Head Candle, $15.00, view on Etsy

Grave Digger Candles, Human Spine Candle, $36.00, view on Etsy