spot dessert bar

Check out this Green Tea Lava cake!!

by Josh Madden

spot dessert bar

The first time I had ever been to 

Spot Dessert Bar

was a little over a year ago, when, at the suggestion of a childhood friend, I decided to venture over there. It was just after 9pm on a Friday night and I waited outside in the freezing cold for almost an hour, wondering why this was so worth it. And as I return a year later, I remember why it was.

Spot is quietly tucked away on St. Marks street, somewhere in between the one-dollar pizzas and the dive bars, making it almost impossible to find if you’re not really searching for it. The menu shows some pretty familiar items, but it wouldn’t be such a staple without a healthy dose of Asian flare. Re-inventing classic desserts like cupcakes and tiramisu, the confection pros infuse them with traditional Asian ingredients like green tea, kabocha, and yuzu for a flavor unlike anything else.

If you do a quick Google search, one thing is sure to pop-up: their Green Tea Lava Cake. Its image practically takes up half of the menu, and it’s the item everyone raves about-- not to mention, it’s their best seller. So, when it comes down to it, logic doesn’t fail. Trust us and order it. The dish comes perfectly portioned alongside a scoop of homemade green tea ice cream. But if you ask us, the real highlight is the fluffy cake with a sick molten interior. Once you cut into it, an oozy, delicious mess of green tea-infused chocolate comes pouring out. And while you would think that it would be a sugary overdose, it becomes just the opposite, as all the flavors seem to perfectly balance each other for a harmonious combination of sweet and a touch of bitter. The garnishes add the perfect crunch to counter the silkiness of the cake and ice cream. You can’t go wrong with the Golden Toast, their pastries, or really any of their desert tapas--but the lava cake is the real breadwinner here.

From a person who doesn’t really have much of a sweet tooth, trust me when I tell you this place is worth it. So really, I don’t know why you’re still reading this and not leaving this second to 

13 St. Marks Place

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-words & photos by: Banu Ibrahim