Spring Clean Your Personal Life

    Let go of emotional baggage and tidy up your life

    by · April 14, 2016

    Once the temperatures start to warm up, everyone and their mother wants to share their advice on the best way to spring clean: how to switch out your wardrobe, how to change up your linens, how to get rid of clothes you don’t wear, and how to give your home that deep clean you’ve been meaning to give it all winter. But that’s obvious, isn’t it? And besides, your natural sensibility will inevitably lead you to the Lysol wipes and laundry loads. But what’s maybe less obvious are the ways you should really be sprucing up your personal life. Yes, donating clothes is important, but letting go of emotional baggage and tidying up your life should be up there on the importance scale, too.

    While it’s always a good time for self-reflection and improvement, you can use the change in seasons as a catalyst for the new you— you that’s got a lighter load and a clear inventory of what’s good. While everyone else is wasting their energy on trying to figure out if they should get rid of denim flares and rayon blouses, figure out how to be the most bomb version of yourself. And hold onto those flares, they’re definitely going to make a comeback.

    Click through to see how to spring clean your personal life in five easy ways:

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