Spring Clean Your Personal Life

Let go of emotional baggage and tidy up your life

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Once the temperatures start to warm up, everyone and their mother wants to share their advice on the best way to spring clean: how to switch out your wardrobe, how to change up your linens, how to get rid of clothes you don’t wear, and how to give your home that deep clean you’ve been meaning to give it all winter. But that’s obvious, isn’t it? And besides, your natural sensibility will inevitably lead you to the Lysol wipes and laundry loads. But what’s maybe less obvious are the ways you should really be sprucing up your personal life. Yes, donating clothes is important, but letting go of emotional baggage and tidying up your life should be up there on the importance scale, too.

While it’s always a good time for self-reflection and improvement, you can use the change in seasons as a catalyst for the new you— you that’s got a lighter load and a clear inventory of what’s good. While everyone else is wasting their energy on trying to figure out if they should get rid of denim flares and rayon blouses, figure out how to be the most bomb version of yourself. And hold onto those flares, they’re definitely going to make a comeback.

Click through to see how to spring clean your personal life in five easy ways:

Set Intentions

Get your witch on and set your intentions for the new season. Light some candles, burn some incense, put on some vibe-y music, write yourself a letter, and let yourself know what you want out of your life this spring. Think about what you want to hold on to, what you want to let go of, what you’re looking for, and what you can offer. The best way to figure these things out is to have an open dialog about it, with yourself. If you want something, say it out loud, and go get it.

Change Your Routine

Routines can make or break your daily balance. But even if you’ve got a great one, challenge yourself by spicing it up. Whether that means changing your workout, switching your coffee order, or reading an hour before bed instead of Netflixing, try it. Sometimes you don’t know you need a change until you make a change. And, by switching up your routine, you’re preventing yourself from slipping into robot-mode, an automatic setting we’re all guilty of defaulting to. Changing things up will help to keep you present.

Clear Out Your Phone

Go through your phone and delete all the conversations you’ve stored with the people you don’t talk to anymore. Get rid of apps you don’t use that are taking up storage and clear out your previously played podcasts. Once you’ve done that, respond to emails you’ve been neglecting. Backup your pictures, download some new music, and change your wallpaper. Once you’ve cleaned up your phone, spark up new conversations with people you want to get closer to. Make plans with a friend you’ve fallen out of touch with and check-in with a few friends who would be happy to hear from you. Oh, and definitely get rid of whatever textual memorabilia you have of your ex.

Tell Someone The Truth

Lying is harder than telling the truth. Keeping up with lies, no matter how white they might be, can lead to anxiety and stress. Alleviate some cortisol production and tell a trustworthy friend a secret you’ve been hiding or be honest with someone you’ve lied to in the past. Who’s got room for anxiety?

Break A Habit

Maybe you’re a last-minute canceller, maybe you only talk to a friend when you need something, maybe you drink too much when you go out during the week, maybe you don’t contribute to the group text, maybe you gossip a little too much, maybe you pop your pimples at night, maybe you ignore your mother’s calls. Try putting an end to a habit you’re not proud of. It’s always the right season to stop bad behaviors.