spring looks from nudie & band of horses acoustic!

One of our favorite brands and one of our favorite bands…

by Josh Madden

Spring looks from Nudie & Band of Horses acoustic!


There's an annoying adage that mentions April showers, and we hate it because it's true--but today we're a little less annoyed, because we got our hands on the Valter jacket from Nudie! This bad boy is not only a sharp-looking piece of outerwear, but it's resin-coated with welt pockets. While the Valter is lightweight, the hood is constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions with adjustable sizing. Those welt pockets have been transformed, providing added protection from the elements to keep your wrists warm. With two inner chest pockets (for our phone and camera) we're ready to go hiking...or maybe just bike around the city. No matter the weather, we're ready in this--our favorite new jacket. Check out Nudie's full 2014 spring collection and pick up your own Valter




Band Of Horses popped by Nudie Jeans House in Los Angeles on an otherwise ordinary Monday evening, giving an intimate yet buzzy acoustic session ahead of their album release 

Acoustic At The Ryman

. Check out the full video below[,] as one of our favorite bands plays some of our favorite james like "St. Augustine," "No One's Gonna Love You," "Monsters," and more!