movie marathon: spring in your step

get spring outfit ideas from our fave movies.

by liza darwin

True story: wardrobe changeover time is probably one of my favorites of the year. Seriously, think about it! Regardless of whether you're pulling out your coats and sweaters, or grabbing your swimsuit, by the time the seasons eventually change we're all so sick of our closets that we can barely wait to switch things out. 

But before you swap out your winter gear for spring, we suggest having a movie night. Because just like all our favorite fall flicks, there are so many films that come packed with warm weather style inspiration. We've rounded up the 10 best in the gallery, each corresponding with a particular springtime look. Check out our recs below, and tell us yours here

If your spring look is: good girl-gone-bad....watch The Crush

If your spring look is: retro prep....watch Roman Holiday.

If your spring look is: California dream girl....watch The Virgin Suicides

If your spring look is: hippie cool girl...watch Dazed and Confused

If your spring look is: vintage dresses all the way....watch The Notebook

If your spring look is: prepping for swimsuit season...watch Spring Breakers

If your spring look is: A-line dresses and Peter Pan collars....watch Rosemary's Baby

If your spring look is: schoolgirl skirts and saddle shoes....watch Moonrise Kingdom

If your spring look is: Sketchers and Prada backpacks....watch 10 Things I Hate About You.

If your spring look is: chokers and all-black ensembles....watch The Craft.