St. Vincent Trailer

bill murray: child mentor.

Adolescence can be tough, even when Melissa McCarthy is your mom. Take 12-year-old Oliver (Jaeden Liberher), who is forced to relocate after his parents' divorce, for instance. He's cell phone-less and so completely out of his element in his new Catholic School that he can't even figure out if he's Jewish or not. To make matters worse, he has to deal with the worst kind of bully—the one who rolls up on his Razor scooter, possé in tow. 

Luckily, his neighbor is Vincent, played by the one and only Bill Murray, who is so down-and-out that he offers his mentoring services for the low price of $11/hour. He teaches Oliver how to snap a bully's skateboard in two, how to break a guy's nose...how to treat a "lady of the night," and how to behave at a dive bar and race track—you know, everything a pre-teen would ever need to know.

The heartwarming comedy opens October 24, so sneak a peek with the trailer below.