star maps: animal style

alexa chung goes wild.

by ray siegel

No, we're not featuring an item on In-N-Out Burger's menu. We were a little bit surprised to see our favorite best dressed prepster wearing a leopard print coat during Fashion Week. Solids, stripes, and plaids are her go-tos, but she rarely rocks prints of the animal variety. But if there's one thing that we can rely on in this crazy world, it's that Alexa Chung will never wear a bad outfit. Like everything else in her closet (can you even imagine what that must look like?!) she this piece so well--and we all know that oversize leopard can easily look crazy. The term "pimp coat" comes to mind. Not in this case though--Chung gives us a new reason to proudly wear our all-time favorite print. Behold, our roundup of the best leopard pieces available online right now.