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make like florence and become a headbanger.

by nylon

When Bleach London opened a pop-up shop in New York City's W Hotel last week, we expected to see a lot of pastel pink highlights and crazy braids. But for her DJ set at the salon's opening party, Florence Welch showed up with a very different hair accessory: a crystal-enhanced hair band. Now, we've seen these hair pieces bedecked with flowers, but crystals is a whole new game. Whether you're a New Age fanatic, a Florence and the Machine fan, or just someone looking for some new hair accessories, we've rounded up a few very similar options. If you're looking for the exact same piece--and have $975 to spare--you can get Welch's Maison Michel for Opening Ceremony headband here.

Deepa Gurnani, $32.00

Jaisalmer Headband, $32.00

Dauphines, $168.00

Deepa Gurnani, $92.00

Alatete, $239.00

Johnny Loves Rosie, $21.00