star maps: the right stripes

beyonce gets shorty, and so can you.

by rebecca willa davis

We've been talking about crop tops for this summer since, well, almost a year ago. So it's not like we need Beyonce to embrace a trend for us to get behind it, but it certainly helps validate our opinion--especially when the crop top in question has horizontal stripes (which your average women's magazine will describe like it's the black plague of death or something, but we love) and, even better, is from Topshop. (You can find it in stores right now, and then online come next week.)

There are nearly endless crop top options, but if you're looking for something short with black and white stripes, a la Bey, we've found a handful of options for you. And if someone claims that you're just following Beyonce, tell them that she's just following NYLON, OK?

Beyonce in New York City

Express Striped Short Sleeve Cropped Tee - $24.90

American Apparel Stripe Loose Crop Top - $29.23

Glamorous Stripe Zip-Back Cropped Top - $38

River Island Stripe Cropped Top - $23.76

Paris Plage Cropped Tee - $78

Suno Layered Floral Tank - $175

All Saints Pacific Cropped T-Shirt - $68