editor’s pick: selfie nation

    a week in the selfie life of a nylon editor.

    by · October 18, 2013
    October is National Self Promotion month, meaning the thousands of selfies crowding your Instagram feed are sort of justified for the next 13 days. As an introvert for the other 11 months of the year (see my selfie-less Instagram for proof), I thought this would be the perfect time for me to go for it and attempt to make the switch from “behind-the-lens Steff” to “selfie Steff.” Luckily I had this “Seflie” beanie from Petals and Peacocks to ease my transition.
    Starting last Saturday I tried to take a selfie, or at least a photo, of everything I did each day to illuminate the daily life of a NYLON editor. I was confident that it would be a no-brainer, but boy, was I wrong. Turns out being selfie-ready 24/7 is a lot harder than I thought and takes a lot more effort than I expected. While I’m definitely no Ali Michael, I think I’ve probably progressed in the past week from total closet case status to the level of weird, arty girl no one talks to, but is aware exists. Hey, it’s an improvement.
    Check out all my #seflies in the gallery below including pics from CMJ shows, trips to the MoMA, and during a phone call with Aziz Ansari! And don’t forget to keep following NYLON on Instagram where you can spy everything our editors are seeing every day!
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