Stephen Colbert And The ‘Broad City’ Girls Go To Rainbow Bagel Land, Which Is An Actual Place

in an attempt to slay the demon father

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson stopped by The Late Show last night, not just to promote season three of Broad City, but also to school stodgy Stephen Colbert in everything that's hip and happening on "soc-meeds" (that's "social media" for all the olds). At the top of their list were rainbow bagels, straight from a bakery in Brooklyn, New York, which despite tasting like lip gloss have all the cool kids lining up. And because Glazer and Jacobson are the coolest of the cool, they managed to score one for Colbert. After one bite, the host and the girls were transported to Happy Bagel Place, a kaleidoscopic dream world filled with singing baby bagels eager to take their rightful place as Colbert's baby wives, if only he can slay the Bagel King with a laser that shoots out of his belly button. And yes, it's as insane as it sounds.