watch stephen colbert shave his ‘colbeard’ in first ‘late show’ promo

bye, bye beardy

It’s been a little less than six months since Stephen Colbert (the character) flew off into the realm of legend atop Santa’s sleigh. That’s just enough time to build up a serious hankering for Stephen Colbert (the person).

Today, just two weeks after David Letterman’s final Late Show bow, we get this first inkling of what Colbert will be like as the new host. Thankfully, New Stephen is not all that different from Classic Stephen. 

Sporting the “Colbeard” that—as he correctly notes—burned the internet to the ground, the once and future host has more fun with a trimmer and a mirror than perhaps anyone should. After sporting a few different styles (we're partial to the "Half Wolverine"), he returns to his familiar, fresh-faced self. It’s a great bit, even if it only fractionally satisfies our Colbert yen. 

The new Late Show With Stephen Colbert arrives in September. It’s gonna be a long three months.