design a shawl for stevie nicks!

seriously, the singer wants you.

by liza darwin

Thanks to approximately four decades of rock stardom, Stevie Nicks has her onstage style game on lock. But now the bewitching singer and songwriter wants you to get in the action and add another piece to her rad wardrobe with a rbrand new contest. Just in time for her new solo album 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault (out October 7, mark your calendars!) Nicks is calling all fans-slash-designers to craft her a custom shawl. It is her trademark accessory, after all--and her signature drapey topper actually has a sentimental value behind it.

"In 1968, a very handsome boy brought me a poncho from South America," Nicks said in a statement. "I knew it was magic and that someday I would copy it in chiffon or leather or beaded material. I realized that wearing a poncho or a long shawl gave me something to work with up on the stage. Big movements, big twirls, you need to be seen from far away. So I made that a big part of my stage clothes. It became totally intertwined in my fashion style." That's for sure. 

So if you think you've got what it takes, enter to win the contest here. The designer behind the best shawl (as picked by Nicks herself!) will score $2,000, photos of the singer wearing it onstage, and lifelong bragging rights to outfitting arguably one of the coolest artists around. And if you need inspiration, check out the best Stevie Nicks shawl moments in the gallery!