Never lose anything again…

by Christian Lavery

We featured the Tile quite some time ago, but just in case you overlooked that little lifesaver and have been losing your keys, wallet, and everything in between ever since, we thought we would present you with a second, equally as impressive option called StickNFind. A Bluetooth-compatible device that’s about the size of a quarter, this tracker works with an app to help locate items you may have misplaced. Simply attach the StickNFind to any object and the radar screen on the app will display all your devices within range – even allowing you to press a button to make the sticker buzz or light up. Furthermore, the device provides a virtual lease that sends an alarm to your phone if something moves out of the allowed distance you previously set. Not to mentions, features a “find it” alert for items that were out of StickNFind’s range but have since returned. Purchase one HERE – because let's face it, we all know you’re going to lose your key again. But this time, you just won’t lose your mind while looking for them.