we’re going nuts over these nail polish strips.

by liza darwin and ali hoffman

Since first hearing about Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, we were immediately dying to test them out. Like Nail Rock wraps or Minx treatment at the salon, these press-ons promise a perfect manicure that lasts up to 10 days. But in true Sally Hansen form, her version claims to deliver all this at a drugstore price- and you don't have to be a nail art pro to get great results.

And believe it or not, they lived up to the hype. Between animals prints, butterflies, and chrome metallics, it's hard to pick just one pattern. We decided on "Check it Out," a black and white houndstooth and "Girl Flower," a hippie floral. Each pack includes an adorable tiny nail file and cuticle stick which makes the application easy (and actually kind of fun). Plus, you don't have to worry about painstakingly cutting each strip to the nail's shape you just file them right off and voila!- a flawless manicure.

Though it's too soon to tell if they'll last the full 10 days, our nails look so good, we'll be happy if they last through the weekend.

$11, Available at select drugstores.