photo by liza darwin


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the top 5 swedish brands to know…now.

by liza darwin

If sites like Caroline's Mode, Style By Kling, or Columbine Smile ring a bell, then you already get it: when it comes to street style, it's tough to beat Sweden. Between their swingy trench coats, pleated tomboy trousers, and boxy tops (all in a neutral color palette, duh) the Scandanavian fashion army clearly knows what's up. After all, while many New Yorkers might want to attract photogs by peacocking in feathers and glitter, the Swedes' strategy? Less is more.

Whether it's on the sidewalk or on the runway, Swedish fashion centers around structural silhouettes, oversized (but still feminine) cuts, and effortless comfort. This is clearly a philosophy that works.

It's awesome enough to get outfit inspiration virtually online, but last week we had the chance to see it all go down in person at Stockholm Fashion Week. The five-day whirlwind not only showcased some of our go-to Swedish labels like Cheap Monday, but it was also the perfect opp to discover new favorites like House of Dagmar, Ida Klamborn and more. And even better, you can catch several of the collections IRL at retailers such as Urban Outfitters. Guess we're not the only ones in on the secret....

Check out the top five Swedish fashion labels you need to know here, then grab your wallet and start crossing Scandi essentials like a trench, a boxy blouse, and peg pants off your fall shopping list. 

Carin Wester

What: Graphic prints, flowy skirts, and tons of gothic realness.

Why We Love It: It's the perfect hybrid of Scandinavian minimalism peppered with tons of personality. Cool girls only need apply.

Buy it: At Urban Outfitters

House of Dagmar

What: Draped dresses, moto jackets, and a luxe twist on the basics.

Why We Love It: At first glance it's easy to assume the brand epitomizes that classic "models off duty" look--and it does. But what you might NOT know is that it does it with an ultra-luxe spin (and as anyone who's in the Swedish scene can tell you, it's totally worth it).

Buy it: On House of Dagmar's E-Shop


What: Striped suits, bold shoulders, and geometric shape-inspired silhouettes.

Why We Love It: Arguably the label with the most precise direction at Stockholm Fashion Week, it's boundary pushing and visionary, without being overly out-there. Proof that chic and understated can still be powerful. 

Buy it: Altewaisaome's E-Shop 


What: Boxy tops, boyish trousers, structured separates

Why We Love It: It's the essence of Scandinavian style, but it won't make your bank account cringe. Win, win!

Buy it: On ASOS

Ida Klamborn

What: Ladylike dressing with cinematic influence (and 3-D sketches!).

Why We Love It: She's an award-winning designer who nabbed the coveted Elle Bon prize. Now she's busy mastering covetable skirts and rad printed trousers.