Photo courtesy of @marksandspencer/Instagram

These Seedless Avocados Are Proof That The End Is Near

This is 100 percent completely unnecessary

Have you ever injured yourself trying to remove those pesky stones (aka, those giant seeds) from avocados? We certainly haven't, though apparently, it seems that this worldwide struggle is known as "avocado hand" — and people are sick of dealing with it.

But thanks to, well, science, this horrible phenomenon will no longer plague the human race. Thanks to grocers Marks & Spencer, you can now purchase a stoneless avocado. Yes, really. 

These seedless babies are called “cocktail avocados.” And on top of not having a giant stone in the middle, they also boast an edible skin, so you don’t even have to worry about peeling them. They're grown in Spain using unpollinated blossoms that grow without seeds, and are only available to harvest during the month of December. 

And if you’re wondering how the world is handling this news, look no further than Twitter for the priceless reactions. Apparently, people are more concerned about the novelty of the stoneless fruit than its actual value. But hey, it’s not every day that true scientific progress is made in the avocado industry.

Since avocados are said to be the reason us millennials can’t afford to buy houses (and are also high-key killing the environment), we sure are glad that food technology innovators are working tirelessly to come up with these life-changing inventions so that we truly will never shed a snowflake tear ever again.