straight forward

can this straightening spray sustain nyc’s rainiest week?

by liza darwin

Looking at the weather forecast last week was downright depressing- with major humidity and strangely chilly temperatures, there was nothing but rain predicted for Monday through Friday.

Given these conditions, we decided to put the Living Proof's new "Straight" spray to the true test. Intended for either wet and dry hair, the latest offering from the beauty brand promised a long-lasting straight style without harsh chemicals.

To experiment, I used the product after I had blown out and straightened my hair to ensure it would hold up in the muggy weather. After repeating the process every other day throughout the week, here's what I found: the spray is great for thick and wavy hair like my own, since it reduces frizz and keeps the volume under control (yes, even when it's pouring out.)

And thanks to a patented formula that blocks dirt and humidity, the spray doubles as an easy taming product on those days where you don't have time to use a straightening iron.

While the spray may not have delivered Hailee Steinfeld's stick-straight style, that's okay with us. Considering these impressive results under less-than-impressive weather, we can't wait to try it once the sun finally starts shining again.

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