The First Trailer For Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things Is Finally Here

Cue the nostalgia

by daniel barna

Sunday’s Super Bowl was memorable for a lot of reasons, from Lady Gaga's epic halftime show to New England Patriots' remarkable comeback. But in the end, it was a few scrappy kids that won the night. 

In a move a few of us kind of saw coming, Netflix dropped the first trailer for the hugely anticipated second season of Stranger Things. While not much in terms of plot is revealed, the '80s nostalgia that made the first season such a juggernaut hit is alive and well. Case in point, the plucky kids who form the show's main protagonists are dressed as Ghostbusters for Halloween. In fact, it looks like All Hallows Eve will factor quite heavily in the second season, which is set to debut on—you guessed it—October 31. 

And before you get your hopes up, we hate to break it to you: no Barb. Check out the teaser above.