The New ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer Is Full Of Scary Stuff And Lots Of ’80s Nostalgia

Oh, and proof that Eleven is still loving her Eggos

Friday the 13th isn't known for being the bearer of good things—aside from very cheap tattoos, that is. But get over your superstitions, because here's something good: a new Stranger Things trailer.

We first got a sneak peek back in July, in a trailer that revealed Will is still being haunted following his time trapped in the Upside Down. After having seen him vomit up a slug at the end of season one, we can't say we're exactly surprised by this. The big question for season two was probably whether or not the people close to Will—his friends and family, specifically—would realize that all was not well with him after all. It seems like we've got the answer to that, because there is no putting anything over Winona Ryder when it concerns her youngest son. She and Sheriff Hopper definitely know something is wrong, with Hopper intoning, “It’s happening, and it all leads back to here.” Ominous!

While we don't yet know what other inter-dimensional being the kids are going to encounter this time around, it's fair to guess that whatever they see will make the Demigorgon look tame in comparison. But the trailer does hint at other horrors, much more nostalgia-related ones, like terrible haircuts and a Reagan-Bush '84 lawn sign in front of an otherwise idyllic-looking suburban house. Also ominous!

If you're looking for some sign of hope though, you get it in the form of Eleven, who is definitely coming back and still has an affinity for waffles. Some things never change.

The world turns Upside Down… again on October 27 on Netflix.