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    by · February 06, 2014

    photo by melodie jeng / the nyc streets

    Got fashion questions? We’ve got answers. Welcome to #nylongirlproblems, where every week our Market DirectorRachael Wang answers your most pressing style quandaries. Need help? Tweet us your issues using the hashtag #nylongirlproblems, then check back to see what she says. Yes, it’s that easy. You’re so welcome.
    The Question: How do I get that awesome fashion week street style look?
    The Answer: These days, the fashion found out on the streets can be just as inspiring as the looks coming down the designers’ runways. If you’re looking for attention, test drive this not-for-the-faint-of-heart formula perfected by the editors, bloggers, and fanciful show-goers that transforms New York into a street style circus come fashion week.
    1. Statement shoes: Start your look, as Irving Rosenfeld reminds us in American Hustle, “from the feet up.” Choose between your most extreme towering platforms, neon stilettos, flashy sneakers, and metallic brogues. Just make sure you can walk without teetering.
    2. Color: The rule of thumb is to stand out from the crowd, so skip neutrals if you want to get noticed. Try clashing pink and orange or go head-to-toe mint.
    3. Volume: Street style dressing has nothing to do with what flatters the figure so disregard rules about dressing for your body type. Cocoon coats, exaggerated paper-bag waist trousers, and oversized boxy T-shirts will give you fashion cred.
    4. Prints: More is more, so go head-to-toe. Try wallpaper florals, graphic checks, tribal patterns, or psychedelic landscapes.
    5. Add a hat: Borrow a page from the hipster handbook and toss on a vintage baseball cap, a wide brim felt fedora, or a colorful beanie (extra points for a graphic statement).
    6. Eyewear: Reflective sunglasses are the street style accessory of the moment, but quirky eyeglasses and any fancy sunnies will do too.
    7. Bold lipstick: For the most part, when you abide by any of the above rules, it’s good to keep your beauty pretty natural. Statement fashion plus statement makeup quickly becomes costume-y, but the one exception is a bold lip. Street style beauty mainstays are and orange-y red, a fuchsia, and a vampy purple hue.
    Bonus: Check out the gallery for my New York Fashion Week essentials!
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