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    warning: this lip gloss packs a punch.

    by ali hoffman · June 13, 2011
    Amongst this summer's sea of lipstains and matte lipsticks, we received a package from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics containing 12 tubes of Lip Tar.

    Seeing as the tar's packaged like an ordinary lip gloss, we picked a pinky-red hue dubbed "Anime," gave the tube a quick squeeze and applied accordingly. The result: A disaster, to say the least, leaving us covered in a paint-like goopy red.

    And so we did what we should have done initially and read the directions. Lip tar, as it turns out- when used in very, very small doses with a lip brush- is pretty incredible.  When applying, the gloss comes off slick (like a gloss), but quickly dries down to a matte-like texture (more like a lipstick). Aside from boasting a highly-pigmented finish, the tars are 100% cruelty free, and smell like peppermint candy.

    Plus, it costs $13 per tube, which isn't that bad considering it'll definitely last through the fall. 

    Get it here!
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