Watch Matt Damon Lose It In The Trailer For ‘Suburbicon’

It also stars Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac

Are the suburbs a scary place? According to the trailer for the upcoming movie Suburbicon they are. “Welcome to Suburbicon,” a voice-over tells us. “A town of great wonder and excitement, filled with the promise of prosperity for all.” We quickly find out that’s not exactly the case as a family man played by Matt Damon sees his life unravel after his wife gets murdered under mysterious circumstances. We later find out that Damon's seemingly mild-mannered suburban dad is actually involved with the mob, who's embodied here by Oscar Isaac. “Nothing like this ever happens here,” a polite woman says to her friend, who responds: “This is a safe place.” Well, it was.

Suburbicon is directed by George Clooney and also stars Julianne Moore alongside Damon and Isaac. It also marks a different kind of collaboration between Clooney and the Coen Brothers. Clooney is, of course, one of the Coens' go-to leading men, having teamed up on O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Intolerable Cruelty, Burn After Reading, and Hail, Caesar!. But this time around, Clooney is directing from a Coen brothers script, and the results feel, well, kind of like a Coen brothers movie. Expect Suburbicon, which is premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, to be a major player come awards season. It hits theaters October 27.