dr. martens has a softer side - sneakers!

by faran krentcil

It may be sacrilege for a fashion writer, but I'll admit it: Some girls just can't get into Dr. Marten's. They may be perfect with skinny jeans or a denim mini or a plaid shirt dress or - well, basically everything - but if you're into more delicate footwear, they're a sizable transition. And although the famous, chunky boots used to have a gateway drug in their gummy-soled Mary Janes, those went the way of Clarissa Darling and Todd Oldham, and we rarely see them anymore except on House of Style YouTube excerpts. See Dr. Marten's punk/glam collaboration with Swarovski Crystals Doc Marten's has graciously accepted that although most awesome girls adore their weatherproof stompers, not everyone's embraced them yet. And they've created a bridge between their trademark combat boots and their yet-to-be fans with two pairs of Dr. Martens sneakers. See Dr. Martens x Hello Kitty shoes The genius of the kicks lies in the design: They're basically softer, thinner versions of Dr. Martens boots and oxfords. The "Shoreditch" is a high-top with cloth or leather uppers and Doc's trademark yellow stitching to join them to the soles. The "Soho" is the low-top sneaker that's available in matte, shiny, or chambray (which is apparently "the new plaid," if you wanna be really hipster about it). Each shoe retails under $100, and they range from the super-cute (pink floral) to the rough and ready - a black canvas boot available for men and women is so close to the original Dr. Marten's shoe, it will look like the original footwear of The Clash from across the pub.

Dr Martens sneakers, $65-$85 online and in stores