sugar rush

this new perfume is the sweetest thing.

by liza darwin

The red velvet lip scrub


frosting lip cream

were only the beginning of the beauty industry's sugar craze. In fact, it's only getting started.

Next up, the eco line Wholearth is bringing the bakery to you-literally- with their latest fragrance, No. 9. Originally inspired by the yummy smell in cupcake shops like Magnolia Bakery and Sprinkles, this perfume is infused with notes of vanilla, lemon, and sugar.

Sure, these ingredients seem more at home in a Betty Crocker recipe for angel food cake than a wearable beauty product. But they mesh together in a way that's subtly sweet without smelling like you just spent the whole day in a bakery.

Our only warning: just don't spray it on when you're hungry. Although this organic perfume may not cause cavities and a sugar headache itself, the same can't be said for those seriously tempting cupcakes sold down the street.

Buy it later this month at Wholearth.