we don’t care if white jeans season is over.

    by · August 30, 2012
    The end of summer usually creeps up on me pretty hard, and I always do that thing where I start wondering if I’ve made the most out of the warm-weather season: Did I eat enough mint chocolate chip cream in a sugar cone? Did I take those surf lessons that I’ve been saying I’d take every summer but never do? How’s my tan, on a scale from not-very-tan to Snookie? Why’d I skip all of those outdoor concerts? But the most upsetting thing to ponder, by far, is: Did I rock enough of my summer wardrobe? I didn’t have time to surf or get a deep tan, but this year I’m not getting down over the summer clothes thing because the truth is, who cares? I’ve never cared much for fashion “rules” anyways, and there are so many ways to keep wearing them well into fall: Pull on a pair of socks the next time I reach for my sandals, layer a chunky knit sweater over my skimpy dresses, and forget about the beach because it’ll still be there next summer. Ice cream cones probably aren’t going anywhere, either. Sandals, jumpsuits, shades: Get them while it’s still hot--well, temperate, because those crochet mini-shorts will look way better with a studded ankle boot than they do with sandals anyways. Here are our last picks for the last licks of summer.
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