sun guard sunscreen by jack black

Take on the sun…

by Christian Lavery

After a winter of frigid temperatures, a ton of snow, and a couple weeks that were rightfully referred to as a polar vortex, it’s hard to see the sun as being anything but good. So apologies in advance for bad news: but with the looming threat of things like skin cancer, the sun can be just as harmful as it is enjoyable.

To protect yourself from that big burning star in the sky, and to keep you healthy during this (hopefully) sun-filled three-day weekend (as well as for the nearing summer months), sunscreen will be your best friend. Our choice? Jack Black’s Oil-Free Sun Guard. An SPF 45 formula, the product offers superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and absorbs quickly. Plus, it’s super water-resistant and stays on during intense physical activity and dips in the ocean.

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