super-m by nude audio

Bigger, better sound…

by Christian Lavery

Building on the success of its pocket-sized M speaker, Nude Audio is looking to take the popular model to the next stage.

Setting forth a Kickstarter campaign for the Super-M today, the new addition still keeps its compact size, yet comes equipped with an even more powerful sound. Four full-range, high-performance neodymium drivers are tightly packed on both sides of the Super-M, with each pair complemented by a passive radiator, meaning it offers six drivers in total.

Its new features don’t only increase the 360-degree sound quality, though. A state-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.0 chipset ensures the best signal and efficient battery use that can last for up to eight hours. And like its predecessors, the Super-M is sand-proof, water-proof, and extremely durable.

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