super stars

alook back at our most famous young hollywood alums.

by faran krentcil

Planning our annual Young Hollywood issue goes something like this:

The entire staff crashes on Marvin Scott Jarrett's two big couches, each with a list of emerging actors they think are amazing. We share, we debate, we shriek "I'm so obsessed with her!"... then Marvin and Luke Crisell begin crafting a list of Young Hollywood contenders.

It's a fun and chaotic process, but apparently it works pretty well - past YH alums have gone onto score Oscar nominations, Tony Awards, fashion campaigns, and box office gold.

With our fifth Young Hollywood issue officially launching tomorrow, we've pulled some of our favorite photos from the past five years - a retrospective, if you will, of our favorite Hollywood hotshots as young men and women.

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Shiah LeBouf in 2006, after receiving rave reviews for the indie coming-of-age drama A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Disturbia made him a box office sure-thing the next year.

Blake Lively was Serena van der Woodsen when we shot her in 2008 for our cover. Now she's the new face of Chanel, the latest DC comics heroine, and... still Serena van der Woodsen.  That's what we call a triple threat.

Once upon a time, Amanda Seyfried was makeup-free and posing in a parking lot for our 2006 issue. Yep...