The 10 Best Alternatives To The BFF Charm Bracelet

Introducing the new friendship bracelet

Back when you were younger, you and your BFF probably went to Claire's or Limited Too to get those amazing "Best Friend Forever" bracelets or necklaces. Yes, you're grown up now, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate your bestie. Only now, you can do it with much cooler accessories. Like, how about a bracelet set with bacon and eggs perhaps? Or, forget jewelry. How about a keychain? Or a patch for your denim jacket? Best friends are forever, so show off your appreciation for them with one of the cute accessories (or apparel) below.

Veda, Best Friend Jacket, $1,320, available at Veda.

Vinca, Best B****** Break Apart Necklace, $36, available at NYLON Shop.

Edie Parker, Best Friend Charms, $350, available at Shopbop.

Lazer Kitten, Pizza Besties Pin Set, $22, available at Lazer Kitten.

Miss Wax, The Homegirls Bracelets, $32, available at NYLON Shop.

Venessa Arizaga, Bacon and Egg Bracelet Set, $50, available at Venessa Arizaga.

Rails, Best Friend Patch Jacket, $285, available at Shopbop.

Alison Lou, BFFAE Heart Necklace, $1,405, available at Alison Lou.

Baublebar, Best Friend Acrylic Keychain Set, $32, available at Baublebar.

New Look, 2 Pack Best Friend iPhone Case, $4.74, available at ASOS.